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This ACTION guide is packed with useful, actionable tips to get your church bulletins read!


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How do you turn your church bulletin from drab to fab?

In the 21 Simple Ways to Take Your Church Bulletin from Drab to Fab Action Guide, you'll find the number 1 reason people don't show up or respond to important items and events you share in your bulletin.

I also give you the 3 things that get your church bulletin trashed... Fixing #1 alone will exponentially increase your readership
and #2 is one of the MOST overlooked mistakes that can be fixed in a matter of seconds. It will make folks toss your bulletin to the side quicker than you can blink so you definitely want to fix this!

I talk about critical mistakes that diminish the value of your bulletin and how to avoid them as well as how to include content that compels and captivates your readers.

It's an ACTION guide that's packed with useful, actionable tips from beginning to end... Grab yours today and take your church bulletin from drab to fab today!